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Rehmat Foundation Patient Services:

Rehmat Foundation has been providing free medical and mental health services to patients in Pakistan since 2019. Throughout the years, dedicated and compassionate doctors in USA have been providing free consultation/treatment to patients in Pakistan via telemedicine and in person. It also facilitates access to medical specialists and institutions in Pakistan.
Rehmat Foundation has been offering free medical camps to meet the needs of low-income patients in the suburbs of Multan since 2022.

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Free medical camp 2024
Rehmat Foundation held a free medical camp in suburb of Multan during month of Ramadan.
Over 4100 families were evaluated, including laboratory work, imaging studies and treated involving medical, surgical and obstetrics procedures and supplied with medicines. Children, women and elderly were the major recipients of services. 50 % of illnesses were infections with anemia and diabetes running 2nd and third. Elderly and women being the most neglected population.Number of specialists volunteered their services. Total cost of camp was PKR 3 million. Of that 2.5 millions were paid by Rehmat Foundation and 1/2 million by local donors.

Month long medical camp in month of Ramadan 2024

Month long free medical camp in month of Ramadan 2023

Week long medical camp in month of Ramadan 2022